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flying-parts produces components made of titanium and other special metals economically from lot size 1. flying-parts paves the way for companies to develop a revolutionary 3D printing technology for the production of metal components. Unique production processes combine highest component quality with the design freedom of 3D printing and make flying-parts an innovative partner for components made of titanium and superalloys


Why flying-parts

flying-parts specializes in the generative production of components with a volume of up to 0.65 m³ at 50% lower costs than conventional production. Whether for individual urgently needed spare parts, prototypes or small batches. Full transparency as well as the development and transfer of know-how for the customer is included in all services.

Complete design freedom

Our Philosophy

flying-parts defines itself as a bridge-builder for companies in the field of metal 3D printing. The focus is not only on the production of the components, but also on the transfer of know-how with full transparency of all aspects. flying-parts is more than just a job shopper:

  • The partnership with the developer and manufacturer of our machinery and the unique opportunity to develop customized processes for our customers.
  • 100% transparency of costs and production steps for the customer
  • Customer access to all determined parameters for each individual component from the production order onwards

Up to 50% less costs

How we work

Thanks to the innovative 3DMP technology concept, we are able to produce parts directly from the CAD drawing of the developer or engineer.

All materials we use are standardised and in wire form, which makes them easier to access and quicker to process than cast or forged blanks. By producing near-net-shape parts on our GTarc machines, the finalizing milling process is not only much faster, but also generates considerably less chips and thus less costs.

Thanks to our modern machines we are able to manufacture components with a volume of up to 0.65 m³ and a weight of up to 800kg.

3D Metal Print Technology


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Economic with lot size 1

flying-parts is a company of Berlin.Industrial.Group.

"We make small champions" is the mission of the Berlin.Industrial.Group., which flying-parts belongs to since its foundation in 2017. B.I.G. has set itself the goal of making small, technologically leading companies successful in their worldwide markets. And that's exactly what flying parts proves today, as an expert in the additive manufacturing of components made of titanium and superalloys.

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